Aerones Team

Field teams

We have 5 teams on rotation.
We mobilize to all countries within the EU, USA and LATAM.

Aerones Countries of Business

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Business Development and Investor Relations

Co-founder - Dainis Kruze

Aerones Co-Founder


R&D and Manufacturing

Co-founder - Janis Putrams

Aerones Co-Founder and CEO


R&D and Manufacturing

 CEO -  Artūrs Skroderis

Aerones CEO

Aerones Nordic

Aerones Robotic Service Provider

 CEO -  Artūrs Drebots

Aerones Nordic CEO

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Official LinkedIn

Dainis Kruze 

Co-founder and
Managing Director 

Greta Krumina

Business Development Manager for USA and Canada

 Baiba Biteniece

Business Development Manager
for Spain and LATAM