Internal Inspection of Wind Turbine Blades

We have designed a dedicated crawler for high-quality internal inspections, allowing us to expand the reach and coverage existing methodology for internal inspections can offer.

Due to the crawler's small size, we are capable to perform internal inspections on the majority of blades on active wind turbines - where it was previously impossible via manual approach. Additionally, our crawler-bot is equipped with powerful lights and HD 360-degree view cameras able to capture the full internal area of the turbine blade. We believe, with crawler we are addressing the need of the industry – to truly have a full inspection, leaving no small damages unnoticed. Oftentimes the internal condition of the blade can be completely different from the external condition, leading to overlooked significant damages of the blades that can result in high-cost repairs (and unearned profits), if not treated in a timely manner.

What is more, the crawler is capable of doing inspections even in the steepness of 45 degrees, therefore, allowing it to conduct the internal inspections while one of the blades is positioned vertically. This lets us perform the internal inspections at the same time while conducting the LPS inspections without delaying the process. Also, the collected data can be easily integrated into any of the existing visual inspection online platforms through API. From there you can review the whole inspection footage and extract precisely located defects at any time.