Wind turbine conductivity (LPS) testing

If a lightning strike occurs in one or several blades, service inspections of lightning receptors and blade surfaces are required. The lightning conductor system must be checked after 12 months of operation and then again every 12 months.

Aerones automated lightning protection system check is industry-leading in time required to complete: we can inspect even up to 4 WTGs per day, which is unprecedented in the industry.

Although wind turbines are installed with LPS, there are still cases where blades and whole turbines are destroyed by lightning strikes. Considering the 20- to 25-year design life of wind turbines, it is important to safeguard them from lightning strikes, because the damage associated with it will cause the downtime of the turbine operation, causing extra costs for maintenance and a shortage of electricity.

A full LPS inspection takes less than 2 to 3 hours including the setup and the dismantling of the robotic system. That is faster compared to the traditional rope access technique which is also a lot riskier considering that the technicians are working in dangerous heights.

Performing the full circuit test also allows finding where the wind turbine LPS system has missing connections, i.e., between the hub and the nacelle, the tower, and so on.