View Aerones robotic systems in action. Order intelligent wind turbine blade maintenance, inspection, and repair services to save costs, reduce downtime and idle stay days. Be a part of the wind energy maintenance transition - it's time to place the technicians on the ground and the tools in the sky.




Lightning Protection System Inspection and Troubleshooting

Check your LPS without sending people up high. Aerones robot does the job 3 times faster - on average we measure 4-5 turbines per day and 25% of the receptors have faults. Avoid costly lightning damage. Learn more

Internal Inspection for WTG Blades with Robotic Crawler

The full damage extent is only visible from the inside. Aerones robotic crawler performs 360-degree interactive inspection with 25% times further access compared to technicians. Learn more

Wind Turbine Blade Cleaning

Restore blade efficiency and looks by easily washing the blades. Don't lose on Annual Energy Production output from blade roughness. Learn more

Wind Turbine Tower Cleaning

Easily remove oil stains, salt residue and restore looks with the newest robotic washing system. All of the contaminated water is collected, recycled, and can be reused for further washing. Learn more

Blade Drainage Hole Cleaning

Are you aware of the water collecting at the tip of the blades? They become clogged by dirt and bugs. Avoid damage from lightning strikes or temperature-affected material expansion. The service can be performed during LPS check. Learn more

Robotic Blade Leading Edge Surface Preparation

Restore blade efficiency by performing surface preparation before big blade repair campaigns. We require 20-30 minutes to prepare on leading edge and 1-3 hours to remove 5-15 meters of protection tape.

Blade Coating Application

Autonomous coating application with a robotic arm for a fast and precise protection. Learn more

Take part in the transition to a more modern, quicker, safer, and effective WTG maintenance

Other services coming soon. Contact us to be the first to know of our innovations.

Only 2 Hour Downtime During LPS checks

Robots don't get tired and can work in higher wind conditions. Our technicians work quickly and precisely.

Aerones Robotic Services in Action