Only 1 hour to set up and disassemble

Our robotic WTG maintenance system is an unconventional method of delivering various tools to the blade for inspection, cleaning and maintenance. The operator sits in a well-equipped van and controls the winch system via joystick inputs similar to a drone. 

Options for installing the robotic system:

Option 1. If access to nacelle is available then we secure the top anchor point to the hoop of the gearbox

Option 2. If no access is granted to the nacelle, then we can utilize our heavy lift drone to lift a rope over the nacelles and anchor it at the base of the turbine. 

The cleaning arm being lifted up to perform the cleaning of the blades:

Bird's eye view showing the main attachment configuration:

Operator controls the robotic system from a well-equipped van:

Schematic showing typical set up of the system on mountainous terrain: