Wakeboarder towed by Aerones drone


Latvian heavy-duty drone manufacturer Aerones Ltd. has successfully conducted an experiment of pulling a wakeboarder with a drone along the river Daugava near the city of Ogre in Latvia. The successful experiment reached a top speed of 70 km/h and spent only half of the drone's battery capacity on the 2,6 km long distance.

“The test on September 27th was a success,” states the CEO of Aerones Ltd, Janis Putrams. “The experiment was 5,5 minutes long, conducted in two stages, because at first, the speed - 70 km/h - produced by the drone, was too high for the boat escorting the wakeboard.”

“Together with the results of our previous experiment, where we did a similar setup with a snowboard, we are confident to say that high power drone technology is ready to be used in sports, agriculture, firefighting and rescue missions,” says Janis Putrams, while adding that Aerones Ltd. has already received interest from entertainment and advertising industries, and is currently working on a firefighting related project. “I hope that soon we all will be able to benefit from Aerones drones,” he adds.

Aerones Ltd. launched the Aerones drone project in April of 2015. The vision of developing and manufacturing heavy duty drones able to carry heavy loads has been embedded in the manifesto of the company at the foundation. On January 22nd 2016, the company published a video of a snowboarder being pulled by one of Aerones’ built drones. The video quickly gained momentum online, going viral and reaching over 5 million views in the first couple of weeks, while receiving attention from the respected tech blogger Guy Kawasaki and multiple online media outlets praised the drone’s properties in sports while predicting that the year 2016 will be the year of “droneboarding”.