Fighting Fire with Drones


Latvian heavy-duty drone manufacturer Aerones Ltd., together with the fire and rescue team from Aizkraukle, conducted an experiment the world had never seen before. In this experiment, the “Aerones” drone was tested to fight possible fire accidents. The results proved that it is able to reach heights exceeding those of firefighter truck ladders, while the drone also has the capability to operate in hard to reach and dangerous spots.

“Aerones” is currently interested in having a partnership for further development. Information exchange and collaboration with firefighting brigades experienced in skyscraper fire and suffocating conditions would be beneficial for both “Aerones” and the fire and rescue teams involved.

Currently the drones weigh 55 kg with a length and width of 3 m. With 145 kg of lifting power they can work up to 30 min depending on weather conditions. It takes 15 min to change batteries, while a full charge can be reached in approximately 90 min. New tests addressing the possibility of supplying the drones with power through special cables are planned in the near future.

The company is in progress to obtain a patent for the use of their drone to extinguish fires at very great heights. It is estimated that by using its powerful drone, heights of 300 – 400 meters will be accessible for firefighting.

This is one of the many affirmations for “Aerones” drone diverse usage.