Wind turbine maintenance

Wind turbine maintenance scheme

Cleaning wind turbine blades with drone

Cleaning wind turbine blades with drone


Aerones, after several years of trials and upgrades, opens a new phase in the Renewable Energy maintenance sector. Backed up by a 20 years of R&D experience we elaborated a method for cleaning windmill blades with Drone, which involves not only the way to carry out the operation, but also the appropriate equipment.

Now, Aerones has developed a maintenance method for wind turbines - a cleaning method of wind turbine blades by Drone. Our new service aims to provide an effective, practical and economical alternative for cleaning the wind turbine blades using machinery adapted to the needs as well as technicians who are specialized in cleaning work by Automated Drone.

A lot of factors could provoke the airfoil break of the blades: snow, ice, pollution, humidity, dust, insects, etc.  It is known that a good maintenance of wind turbines and, specially, of the blades can increase the efficiency as much as 20% or even as much as 100% in case of frost or snow on its blades.

The maintenance of these wind turbines is something assumed in a wind turbine operational cost, even though the actual methods are very slow, expensive and involve a high risk for the personnel.

Depending on the size of blades and the wind conditions, Aerones could clean or de-ice 30 blades (10 turbines) in one day with full efficiency and no component spoilage.


Aerones is the first worldwide company to clean and de-ice wind turbine blades with Drone.



Blade cleaning techniques

Snake patterns

Certain patterns

By moving in snake pattern drone is able to cover and clean blade completely

Moving around

Moving around

Drone can go around the blade to every side and also cutting edges

Targeting hose

Targeting nozzle

Water shooting nozzle on gimbal can be moved to desired direction to target specific spot


Technical capabilities

0-100 l/min
Flight time
flight time
Water pressure
up to 200 bar
water pressure
Operational height
up to 400m
operational height


How we work

Wind generator blade


We work on wind turbines to help you minimize the down-time and increase efficiency, which contributes to a higher and more consistent energy output of your wind turbines throughout the year. Our goal is to offer higher efficiency with high quality and security.

Aerones also offers the inspection service. The pre- and post- cleaning inspections are very important safety measure. The operation is done using drones equipped with an Ultra HD camera and a thermal camera that allows not only a visual inspection, but to go further and look for defects not detected at first sight. This thermal inspection is especially useful in new wind turbines with an electrical resistance incorporated on its blades to prevent ice and snow build-up.

The pre-inspection gives information on the kind of dirt on the blade, which allows you to estimate the cleaning time, let you see any damage, imperfection, crack or hole in the blade, a fact that decreases the efficiency and cleaning cannot be carried out. See the image on how the pre-cleaning inspections looks like.

In the post-inspection you can observe the state of the blade after washing, both in terms of the aesthetic of the blade (shiny, without dirt) as well as for imperfections



Why Aerones?

  • Aerones works worldwide
  • Aerones is the first company in the world to develop this activity.
  • The operation is carried out by specialized technicians.
  • In the table attached you can see the profit that could be obtained increasing the wind turbine production. This study is made for a 2MW turbine. With an increment of 0.7%, less in some countries, the blades’ cleaning is worthwhile and the periodic cleaning by our method is fully justified.
  0.7% 2% 3% 5% 10% 15%
Spain 3.640 € 10.400 € 15.600 € 26.000 € 52.000 € 78.000 €
Austria 3.276 € 9.360 € 14.040 € 23.400 € 46.800 € 70.200 €
France 2.870 € 8.200 € 12.300 € 20.500 € 41.000 € 61.500 €
Germany 4.848 € 13.850 € 20.775 € 34.625 € 69.250 € 103.875 €
Ireland 2.436 € 6.960 € 10.440 € 17.400 € 34.800 € 52.200 €
Japan 6.300 € 18.000 € 27.000 € 45.000 € 90.000 € 135.000 €
Poland 1.498 € 4.280 € 6.420 € 10.700 € 21.400 € 32.100 €
S.Korea 3.770 € 10.770 € 16.155 € 26.925 € 53.850 € 80.775 €
Turkey 2.351 € 6.716 € 10.074 € 16.790 € 33.580 € 50.370 €
UK onshore 4.550 € 13.000 € 19.500 € 32.500 € 65.000 € 97.500 €
UK offshore 7.196 € 10.560 € 30.840 € 51.400 € 102.800 € 154.200 €

  • Remember that, for example, in Spain the production could increase from 4% to 10% for each wind turbine cleaned and in northern Europe countries from 2% to 7% immediately after the cleaning.
Wind generator






Cleaning blades with distilled water has shown an increase in production of 3‐7% on previous projects in southern Europe. Adding cleaning solution and wax has shown an added increase of production by an extra 1%.


Aerones – augstas veiktspējas multi-rotoru lidaparātu ar kravnesību līdz 100 kg attālinātas vadības un autonomas lidotspējas risinājuma un automatizētas drošības sistēmas, elektronikas (sensoru kopnes) risinājuma izstrāde.


Aerones - development of a high-performance multi-rotor aircraft with a payload capacity of up to 100 kg remote control and autonomous flight solutions and automated safety systems, electronics (sensor bus) solutions.

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2017. gada 10. martā Aerones ir noslēdzis līgumu Nr. SKV-L-2017/141  ar Latvijas Investīciju un attīstības aģentūru programmas "Izaugsme un nodarbinātība 3.2.1 specifiskā atbalsta mērķa "Palielināt augstas pievienotās vērtības produktu un pakalpojumu eksporta proporciju" pasākumā "Starptautiskās konkurētspējas veicināšana".