Robotic Blade Care Systems
WTG maintenance using robotic technology to reduce downtime and increase AEP

The technology in use is robotized, therefore controlled remotely. In addition, it is compact and easily transportable. Aerones is the first company in the world which can provide such services using automatized technology, thus the maintenance process is much more efficient faster, cheaper and safer than services provided by any other competitor in the market.

Aerones team at the inspection task

Leading Edge Repair

Level 1-2 cosmetic repair can now be done quickly and efficiently restoring the aerodynamic profile of the blade. Increase your AEP now!

Conductivity Testing

Conductivity testing is essential to ascertain the continuity of the lightning protection system in the event of lightning strike. Check yours!

Visual Inspection

Industry leading quility of the visual inspection. We combine highest resulutions images aboth internally and externally. 

Internal Inspection

In addition to our existing robotic system, we have designed a dedicated crawler for high-quality internal inspections, allowing us to expand reach and coverage existing methodology for internal inspections can offer.

Drainage Hole Cleaning

Clogged drainage holes creating disbalance and potential rapid evaporation in a case of a lightning strike. No more uncertainty!

Blade Cleaning

Restore the clean look and aerodynamic characteristics with biodegradable cleaning solution. Our robotic system can effectively remove your problem. 

Tower Cleaning

After a gearbox oil leak there are a lot of considiration. We can remove any oil stains from the tower and collect the dirty water. Quick and hassle free.

Find all the services you are looking for on our PDF brochure: